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Sustainability is in Conrad Koh Samui's DNA and is applied expertly by knowledgeable team members to every aspect of the resort’s daily operations. Every one of our villas is plastic-free and the property owners have invested substantial sums to produce environmentally friendly alternatives.

Both Botanikka and Iris Farm is opened to guests and visitors. 


Eco Café


A garden that produces a wealth of organic herbs and vegetables for the hotels' restaurants. The hydroponic system grows vegetables in a water-based solution without soil. Botanikka also produces a plentiful supply of micro-greens such as coriander, spring onions, lettuce, and baby corn. There is also a small mushroom farm that produces impressive quantities of produce for use in a variety of Asian and western dishes in the hotel. 

Complimentary Kombucha Workshop:

Available daily at 1:00 pm and 3:00 pm


Advance booking is required.

Iris Farm

Iris Farm, the resort’s sustainable on-site initiative named after the Greek goddess of the Rainbow who carried messages from the Gods, features an impressive cross-section of fruit and vegetables producing some 3,000 kilos of food each month for consumption by guests and staff. 
Geese and ducks roam freely to feed on the bugs and worms. The farm’s 250 chickens, reared locally, produce ample eggs daily to meet the guest's needs at the Conrad Koh Samui. Lastly, the farm plays a big role in waste management by composting. Around 2 tons of food waste per month are composted, recycled, and reused throughout the property. 


Complimentary Iris Farm Tour:

Available daily at 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm


Advance booking is required.

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